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Are Restaurant Workers at a Greater Risk for Alcoholism?

There are people who point to circumstances such as a difficult job or tension at home as a way to explaining their tendency to abuse alcohol. However, there are no guarantees that changing life circumstances will alter a person’s alcohol consumption. According the the Mother Nature Network, research from the Scandinavian Journal of Public Health would seem to back those in certain occupations who point the jobs they hold as a the reason they drink more than they should.

The publication published findings that conclude that people who work in bars and restaurants are more at risk for alcoholism than other adults. And among restaurant workers who are more at risk for abusing alcohol, women aged 18 to 29 were most likely to overindulge, “with 82 percent of them drinking hazardous amounts, compared to 72 percent of men in the same age range.”

The authors of the study concluded that,

“Either the bar and restaurant industry attracts people who have a high alcohol intake from the outset, or that the stressful work environment and availability of alcohol are conducive to extensive alcohol consumption.”

While it may be as simple as this, it is possible that a person’s tendency to abuse alcohol could be more complex. It might not be an either/or kind of situation.  It is important to get to the root causes of addictive behavior in order to facilitate lasting change.