Does the Battle of the Sexes Apply to Addiction Recovery?

On, David Sack, M.D. asks, “Men vs. Women: Does Gender Matter in Addiction Recovery?”  After declaring that “Neither sex is better or worse off: they simply experience addiction and recovery in different ways,” Sack then examines different areas of addiction recover and decides whether men or women “win.”

Overall, it seems that substance abuse is more prevalent among men than women, with men being twice as likely to succumb to drug addiction. The rate of male dealing with alcoholism is also three times the rate of women dealing with it. So women “win” that one.

Men “win” when it comes to Consequences and Barriers to Treatment because women suffer consequences that do not affect men and women often do not get the help they need to reach sobriety due to a number of practical concerns.

When it comes to Risk Factors and Response to Treatment, Sack writes that neither gender wins. Both genders have different risk factors and neither has a distinct advantage in decreasing these factors.  And while some studies find that women do better with recovery, both genders really respond best when treatment is “sensitive to their specific needs.”

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