There are numerous myths associated with drug and alcohol rehab centers and their reliability. Some believe that substance abuse treatments work only when the addict is willing to recover. Others believe that the results at rehab centers are short-lived, thereby not worth the money. At Transitions Recovery, we bust such myths and more. Being a nationally-recognized and state-approved alcohol and drug rehab center, we work towards helping chemical dependant individuals get rid of the addiction through collaborated efforts.

Addicts or families of addicts from Baltimore, Miami and other cities approach us for customized recovery programs that have lasting effects. Our drug and alcohol treatments are designed to instill the belief in the patients that they hold the power to self-reliance and sobriety. Even in extreme cases, our psychiatric team provides sessions to build self-confidence within the patients, thereby, raising new hopes and beliefs. Unlike other rehab centers, we apply a holistic approach in our recovery programs. We not only focus on medically treating the body of the patient, removing all the traces of chemical, but we also work on their mental and spiritual upliftment, giving new meaning to their lives.

From the moment you get in touch with us and even after the treatment at the center is over, supportive care from our qualified professional staff is available at every stage of the recovery. Our aftercare services are aimed at ensuring how well the patient is able to cope in the newly acquired drug-free lifestyle. To prevent relapse, we provide lifetime aftercare to our patients at our drug and alcohol rehab center.

To find out about our admission process and payment options, call us today at 800-298-1783.