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Dual Diagnosis and Maintaining Your Mental Health

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Dealing with a dual diagnosis means treating the mental disorder as well as the co-existing substance addiction. In some cases, the illness is triggered by the drug abuse, while in others the addiction is a result of self-medicating. Regardless of the origin, learning to manage your mental health is a vital factor of continued recovery.

The first step is understanding that the condition isn’t your fault. Patients will often feel guilt and shame, believing that their situation reflects a lack of strength or willpower. Suffering from a mental disorder is no different than coping with cancer, heart disease or other physical ailments. Learning to view your illness objectively will greatly facilitate your treatment.

Whether your underlying mental illness is depression, bipolar or post-traumatic stress disorder, you can find a way to control it. Here are other elements to include in a successful course of treatment.

  • Seek help at a rehab facility capable of treating dual diagnosis. Many programs are equipped to address only addiction problems, leaving patients to find assistance with their mental issues elsewhere. Successful recovery is based on integrated care of treating both illnesses at the same time.
  • Participate in group and individual therapy. Hearing from others dealing with the same issues can give you a sense of hope and relieve the loneliness and isolation that may accompany treatment. One-on-one sessions are helpful for focusing on your individual needs.
  • Today there are many safe, effective medications that can help you manage your disorder. Your caregiver can work with you to prescribe one that controls the illness with minimum risk of side effects.

Miami-based Transitions Recovery is dually-licensed to provide a full mental-health facility along with substance addiction rehab. Our qualified and experienced caregivers have a unique understanding of the challenges you face and will support you every step of the way. Call 800-626-1980 to have your questions answered by our caring staff.