Effective Treatment Principles for Drug Abuse

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health in 2009, approximately 3.9 million people were dependent on illicit drugs. Another 3.2 million people were dependent on both alcohol and illicit drugs. The survey shows that there’s a high need for drug rehab in the United States. Treatment for drug abuse can help patients overcome their addiction and regain control of their lives. To achieve a high success rate, an effective treatment program should be built on the following basic principles.

• Addiction can affect a person’s behavior and brain function, but it’s a disease which can be treated.
• Treatment has to be personalized to fit an individual’s needs.
• When treatment is required, it has to be readily available.
• Treatment should not be solely focused on the patient’s drug dependence but also his or her various needs.
• It’s extremely important that the patient be treated for a sufficient period of time.
• Individual or group counseling is one of the most common forms of treatment for drug addiction.
• Certain behavioral therapies are also commonly used.
• Another integral part of treatment is the prescription of medicines, which is especially effective when used with counseling and behavioral therapies.
• To cater to the patient’s changing needs, there must be continual assessment and modification of his or her service plan.
• Many people who are dependent on drugs also require treatment for other mental disorders.
• The first stage in the treatment process, medical detoxification has little impact on long-term drug abuse.
• Voluntary participation is not required for treatment to be effective.
• During treatment, there must be constant monitoring of drug use because slip-ups can happen.
• Addiction recovery programs should screen all patients for the presence of infectious diseases like Hepatitis B and C, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and so on.
• Targeted risk-reduction counseling should be provided to help patients reduce the possibility of contracting or spreading infectious diseases.

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