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Family and Community Support Helps Addiction Recovery

Last week we wrote about how people in one West Virginia community are banding together to try to combat prescription drug abuse. Hopefully their efforts will have a ripple effect and reach beyond that one particular area.

The Associated Press has reported that:
“A West Virginia public vocational school has been shut down indefinitely after traces of methamphetamine were found throughout the building during an investigation of the principal and a teacher.”

While police say they did not find proof that the school itself was used as a meth lab, they did get a teacher to confess to smoking meth with the principal in the principal’s office.

The idea that “it takes a village” has been repeated so often that it has become a cliché. There is truth to that notion, though. When confronting addiction, it is hard to do so all alone. Patients who complete substance abuse treatment benefit when they return to a supportive environment. Professionals do their very best but when someone returns to daily life, they need to be surrounded by people who encourage them to remain sober.

At Transitions Miami drug rehab we believe that successful substance abuse treatment and addiction recovery addresses the needs of family members and significant others. Because the lives of all family members are inseparable, substance abuse is treatment is most affective when the addiction is treated as a family disease.

There are some family members who may feel as if they do not need to be involved if there are not the ones engaging in substance abuse. We submit that you may be affected by a family member’s substance abuse and will be better able to help that family member if you understand the recovery process. In addition, what family members may not want to face is that they while someone else’s substance abuse is not their fault, their interactions with a family member may play a role in a patient’s unpleasant feelings. This is why we offer several opportunities specially designed for families to address the issues of drug and alcohol addiction recovery.