Get Help to Stay Sober this Halloween

The thought that one might encounter ghosts and goblins is not the only frightening thing about Halloween. This fall celebration is not just a time for children to have fun and get candy; many adults also celebrate Halloween and some adults do not intend to remain sober. reports that “Halloween is the second most dangerous day for pedestrians, according to the National Highway Safety Administration, ” adding that “Of all the highway fatalities during Halloween in 2010, 41 percent involved a driver with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher.”

Although you may or may not think of Halloween as part of the holiday season, like the holidays that follow, it is a time when people feel festive and indulge in drink. For anyone who is working towards sobriety, times like this can be rife with temptation, especially if many of the people you socialize with plan to drink heavily at parties and gatherings.

This is why it is important to choose an addiction recovery program with a strong continuing care component. That way, you have a support team in place when you feel tempted and it seems like everyone else is drinking and you dread how hard it will be to resist alcohol. Knowing that you have people who want to see you succeed, as well as knowing that they will ask about your progress can be an important motivator.


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