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The Life Changing Alcohol Treatment Center

In Maryland, 21% of drug and substance users abuse alcohol, with 18% abusing alcohol along with another drug. In total, almost 40% of all Maryland drug abuse includes alcohol. That number is staggering and calls for immediate action in caring and supporting the thousands of people who are affected by alcohol abuse, whether they are a user, a friend, or a family member. Alcohol is a disease just like any chronic illness and learning to live with such a disease is crucial in changing lives.

Transitions Recovery Program of South Florida is committed to supporting residents of Maryland who find themselves dependent on alcohol, or know someone who is, through our Alcohol Treatment Center located on the sunny and beautiful Miami Beach. At Transitions Recovery, alcoholism treatment is addressed through the holistic well-being of each patient. Individually tailored programs draw from the medical, psychological, therapeutic, and self-help fields with the goal of helping the patient achieve and sustain long-term sobriety, free from alcohol abuse. Transitions Recovery is also a nationally JCAHO accredited, state-licensed drug and alcohol rehabilitation service provider with drug treatment and alcohol addiction treatment facility.

Addiction Rehab Centers in Maryland

Individual Alcohol Treatments

Although alcohol addictions have a lot in common, each individual recovery of addiction is very different. Each person subjected to alcohol abuse, and looking to obtain help from an alcohol treatment center, has a different story as to who they are and why they have become dependent on alcohol. Transitions Recovery understands the need for individual attention and programs, providing elements that include disease and recovery education through lectures and meetings, participation in 12-Step programs, relapse prevention groups, one-on-one drug treatment counseling, group therapy and counseling, and gender-specific groups.

Along with intense treatment of alcohol abuse, Transitions Recovery also provides support for the different aspects of alcohol abuse which include depression and anxiety, eating disorders, sexual addictions, and any other counseling one may need to fully recover from past traumas or abuse.

Reality-Based Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center

Patients begin the journey to freedom from substance abuse in the care of highly skilled staff in our beautiful facility right on the Miami Beach. Here, patients can immerse themselves into a sober life that is focused on routine and creating productive habits. Patients are responsible for the day-to-day tasks of a normal living routine that involves grocery shopping, cooking, and maintaining the cleanliness of living quarters. Along with their effective alcohol treatment, patients begin to form a reality-based life that provides a successful re-entry into a daily, sober lifestyle after their treatment.

Alcohol Treatment Aftercare

Drug treatment aftercare support groups both at our Florida drug treatment center and external groups play an important role in overcoming substance abuse and dual diagnosis. All Transitions Recovery drug treatment center psychiatric and psychological services remain available to patients for life, including continued relapse prevention education and 24-hour access to drug treatment center staff.

In order to continue treatment of patients, Transitions Recovery strongly supports patients in their involvement with 12-Step meetings and lifetime aftercare for continued recovery in all aspects of life, including relationships, education, and physical health.

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We encourage you to read more about how our drug and alcoholism treatment programs demonstrate our commitment to excellence to patients and affected family and friends through all walks of life, from the beginning of their recovery and continuing throughout their new found purpose and life goals. It is our pleasure to provide positive results for residents of Maryland and the people that love and care for them. Call today to talk with us 800-626-1980 and find out how we can help those who need it the most.