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Prescription Drug Abuse Rising Among Teens in Maryland

Officials in Montgomery County, Maryland are working to find ways to stem the rising tide of drug abuse among teens in their area. According to local news station WJLA, “The drug of choice are prescription drugs like Oxycontin and opiates like heroin.”

One county official spoke not only of area teens but he made it more personal: he has a 12 year old at home and knows just what kinds of temptations are out there. County police have conducted twenty undercover operations to buy drugs in the recent past.

WJLA interviewed locals on the street and one man’s take was that prescription drugs are easier to get so that is why people turn to them. We write often about the need for people to store prescription drugs securely and dispose of them correctly and this continues to be a critical issue in this Maryland county and across the nation.

While it is true that some people will go to great lengths to get illegal drugs, it is also true that many people would be deterred if drugs were more difficult to come by. A woman WJLA interviewed put her drug-using high school acquaintances into two groups—some were still heavy users and others had completely stopped using drugs.

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