FL Cocaine Treatment

It is well known that cocaine exposure changes the brain’s dopamine regulation; the addiction to cocaine is therefore largely a psychological rather than physiological addiction. Often chemical imbalances take place that make a purely psychological approach less feasible. This chemical dependency has been known to actually lead the addicted individual to do things they might not otherwise do, as in leading lives of crime and ill repute. There is a laundry-list of psychiatric problems related to cocaine abuse and the only chance to break free from the hold of the drug is by undergoing rehabilitation in a certified FL Cocaine Treatment facility.

Effective Cocaine Treatment

Transitions Recovery residential FL cocaine treatment allows victims of cocaine abuse to get the help they need in a safe, secure, upbeat and attractive environment. This proven inpatient model of addiction care is highly recommended for anyone suffering from serious cocaine abuse. Our residential cocaine rehab allows patients to become involved in specialized and traditional therapy without any of the distractions, pressures or potential bad influences from the outside world.

Patients who successfully complete our residential cocaine rehab have a much greater chance to live a life free of cocaine than those who attempt a self-help cure. Our highly trained professional staff will personally monitor and manage all inpatient treatments, and responsibly guide the patient along the path to permanent sobriety.

What is involved in Residential Rehab?

Patients enrolled in Transitions Recovery FL Cocaine Treatment center go through a complete detox period, which purges the body of residual toxins. Without detox, no therapy can effectively treat any addiction. Our programs are generally thirty or more days long and incorporate drug education, individual and family counseling, alternative therapies and the development of a patient support system.

Our residential cocaine rehab center also provides patients with invaluable post-treatment resources such as group-therapy and further individual counseling. The exact make-up of a residential cocaine rehab program will vary according to each patient’s individual needs. One of the many benefits is that patients get a program designed especially for them after a full diagnosis and evaluation by one of our medical professionals.


Our effective Florida cocaine treatment comes from understanding the possible complexities of a cocaine addiction that the patient’s personality may have been altered by its use.
For patients who are reluctant to consider the prospect of residential cocaine rehab because of their wish for anonymity and privacy; there is nothing to fear. Like all such facilities, Transitions is bound by laws that protect patients’ identities and information. We use great discretion and compassion when dealing with any patient in rehab. If you consider the alternative to residential drug rehab, with its constant relapses, withdrawal pain, illness and possible death, rehab is the much better option.

How to Choose the Right Residential Facility?

If you are the addicted individual you may not make the most considered choice of a treatment facility. A friend or loved one will help you sift through the options and choose a program that logistically works for you and your situation. If you are unable to lean on a friend or loved one, for support, call our Transitions Recovery toll-free helpline at (800) 626-1980. They may be able to help you find a facility within your budget or closer to you. No matter where you choose to go it’s important to first make the decision that you need help. That is a first giant step.