Florida, Addiction Treatment

Our patients relearn social and coping skills that help them gradually ease their way back into daily life and regain the confidence to make choices that support their sustained recovery.

Comfortable apartment living in a private gated community in North Miami Beach, Florida, sets the scene for establishing a healthy, active, sober lifestyle in Transitions Recovery’s peaceful, secluded Florida addiction treatment center. Our residential drug treatment center has all the comforts of home, without any of the temptations. Our patients go about their everyday activities such as shopping, socializing and meal preparation in a supervised reality-based environment. Reality-based sober-living skills and routines are taught and supported by our intensive, individualized drug and alcohol treatment programs.

Our highly trained professional staff provides the specialized education and services that touch on all aspects of alcohol and drug addiction, including the physical, spiritual, and mental needs of patients.
The individuals who enter our residential Florida addiction treatment program benefit from individualized care custom tailored to his or her unique needs,

We focus on relationships, spirituality and relapse prevention while teaching self-reliance, assertiveness and anger management. We are fully prepared to deal with co-existing mental health issues in our dual diagnosis patients. The environment we provide, for men and women, helps them to gain an in-depth understanding of their personal recovery needs, to develop healthy coping skills and put in place the changes necessary for ongoing recovery.

The inpatient programs at Transitions Recovery Florida Addiction Treatment center provide a supportive, nurturing environment for healing and recovery. Many of the people, who want to stop using drugs or alcohol, try to go through withdrawal alone. This is a big mistake because they can’t get through the often painful process and usually with indulge their addiction just to ease the pain. Our custom tailored program even includes regaining your body’s mineral and nutritional balance, by replacing the nutrients robbed by the drugs. Being healthy helps to win the battle against addiction sooner.

We believe that recovery from the symptoms of addiction is an ongoing process. It’s important for the addict to be free to focus on addressing their problems without having to deal with work, home life, or any negative influences that might exist in their current environment. The inpatient alcohol and drug treatment program we offer at Transitions Florida Addiction Treatment Center, in Miami has a success rate far beyond that of other drug centers. Call 800-626-1980 for more information.