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Safe Disposal of Prescription Drugs Can Prevent Misuse

There was a national prescription drug “take-back” event this past weekend and according to the website WebMD, “People turned in more than 552,161 pounds of unwanted or expired medications at the [previous] drug take-back event, held in April. Even if you missed it, you still need to be aware of the dangers of prescription drug abuse and misuse that can result from keeping unused drugs around.

But if you decide to exercise precaution and throw away your prescription drugs, how can you dispose of them safely?

Many prescription drug labels have information about how to dispose of your medicine safely but if you are unsure of exactly how to do this talk to your pharmacist.

What you should not do is assume that drugs you have can simply be thrown away with household trash. Certain drugs need to be flushed down the toilet. And other drugs that can be disposed of in household trash should not go directly into the trash as they are. Here are some tips for making sure you reduce the possibly of misuse and identity theft:

-You should scratch out your info or remove the label and shred it so you can keep your prescription information from falling into the wrong hands.

-Placing unused medication in a sealable bag or some other container can make sure the medication doesn’t leak out.

-Another option is mixing unused prescriptions with coffee grounds or kitty litter. You want to mix them into something with a strong odor that will be a deterrent to children, pets or in case anyone decides to rifle through your trash.