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Social Media Shows Teens Images that Encourage Substance Abuse

Sometimes when people decide they need to go into an addiction recovery program for drug abuse or alcoholism, they have been involved with substance abuse for a long time. If we can reach pre-teens and teens before the being to drink heavily or abuse drugs we can keep them on course. Young people are not only getting messages about substance abuse from television, movies or directly from adults they know and their friends; they also are seeing more and more online and via social media that can sway them towards substance abuse.

A survey from The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse and Columbia University asked about 1000 12-to17-year-olds about their habits and home and at school and about what they think about drug, alcohol and tobacco use.

CBS News reports that among the things the survey revealed, it found that “digital peer pressure” is having an effect on teens. Forty-five percent of the teens surveyed discussed having seen pictures of people that seemed to be having good time while engaging substance abuse in a party setting and “Teens who have seen these pictures were found to be four times more likely to have used marijuana, more than three times likelier to have used alcohol…”

Transitions Recovery Center is here for those who want to go through rehab with the help of caring, dedicated professionals but prevention is the best medicine.