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Virginia Substance Abuse Treatment

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It is clear that people abuse substances like alcohol, drugs, and even prescription drugs for various, complicated reasons. In Virginia alone, about 8 percent of the population is addicted to alcohol or other drugs, and as a result about 700 people die a year from overdose or alcohol poisoning. For many, substance abuse and drug addiction seems like a never-ending rollercoaster ride of desire, dependence, short-lived joy, and long-lasting anxiety and depression. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is help, and a lot of it comes from Transitions Recovery Program. For over 3 decades, we’ve helped dozens of courageous and strong Virginia natives overcome their fears and live a fulfilling life free from substance abuse.

At Transitions Recovery Program, we are proud to provide a safe haven for those searching for a new beginning and a life full of support and care in Miami Beach, Florida. Since 1985, Transitions Recovery Program has provided help for substance abusers through all walks of life, including their family members and friends who also need counseling and education. As a nationally JCAHO accredited and state-licensed drug and alcohol rehabilitation service provider, Transitions Recovery Program believes a holistic approach to treatment and recovery is essential to the well-being of the patient.

The cornerstone of our drug and alcohol addiction treatment philosophy is that recovery from chemical dependency is achievable, even for those who feel overwhelmed with despair and hopelessness. Our substance abuse treatment programs recognize that chemical dependency is a treatable condition with a high potential for successful recovery. Right from the very beginning, each person that walks through our doors has an individual evaluation leading to a unique treatment plan based on their needs and personality. As patients begin to progress in their reality-based treatments at Transitions Recovery Program in North Miami Beach, a variety of programs become available to ease them back into society in a way that suits the individual’s specific needs.

No two people are alike and everyone has the chance for success, but it is our job to figure out how to help each patient make that happen through the various programs at Transitions Recovery Program. These might include group therapy sessions, specialized therapy sessions, education on substance abuse and prevention, relapse prevention groups, and even family therapy sessions. We believe that with awareness and understanding, along with behavioral healthcare services in a reality-based setting, our patients are provided with the tools they need to begin their journey on a path to a sober lifestyle.

Because of our amazing staff full of caring and dedicated doctors, nurses, therapists, and psychologists, each one of our patients receives undivided attention and care throughout their stay at Transitions Recovery Program. What is more, even after a patient decides it is time to re-enter the world, our services remain available for life, including relapse prevention support and 24-hour access to drug treatment center staff.

Transitions Recovery Program is an affordable option for anyone looking to get help with substance abuse. Throughout the years, we’ve offered patients a real chance to save their lives and be proud of who they are and how far they’ve come. Our specialized programs of extensive inpatient care, outpatient care, and aftercare are a testament to our commitment to changing lives and giving people a future they didn’t know was possible. If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, give us a call at 1-800-626-1980 and let Transitions Recovery Program help in the best way we know how.