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It is not incorrect to say that with the rate at which drugs are being consumed by teens in the United States today, drug abuse by teens in the country has practically become an epidemic. Children and teenagers are now consuming drugs at an age younger than ever before. In addition to the physical and psychological effects that this will have on these adolescents, it is also safe to assume that these individuals will become interested in – and, ultimately, addicted to—worse drugs as they grow older which may lead to the need for drug abuse counseling

The importance of learning about the drugs and how people become addicted to them cannot be emphasized enough. It is crucial for people of all ages to have all of the knowledge and information required to offer help and assistance to adolescents and teens whenever they need them.

Here are some of the most common drugs which teenagers in the United States have become addicted to:

Prescription drugs

No substance in the United States is used as commonly by children and adolescents to get high in the United States as prescription drugs. Prescription drugs in the country are not only easy available, but they are also legal. What’s more is that these prescription drugs are extremely effective in providing to adolescents and teens what they are looking for in a drug.

Most teens in the country become addicted to sedatives, pain killers and other prescription drugs because they can easily find them within their homes. A large number of these teenagers also end up consuming alcohol which they find in their homes along with the drugs to worsen the matter even more.


A very large number of teenagers in the United States do not only use the illegal drug called marijuana, but they are addicted to it. The worst part, however, remains that most children and adolescents these days believe that marijuana is harmless and does not pose any threat to their health or lives. This is primarily because marijuana has been legalized in some states and is also easily available for those who have a prescription.

Although some may argue that marijuana is not addictive, children and adolescents tend to abuse the substance to the extent that they become dependent on it. Not only this, the over-use of marijuana leads to damaged brain cells and can greatly hamper the physical and mental growth of teenage users.


The popularity of ecstasy has a lot to do with the way in which it is being marketed. The low price and easy availability of the drug, too, are factors which have led to making ecstasy one of the most addictive substances being used by teenagers in the United States. Commonly, ecstasy pills are contaminated with extremely dangerous substances which have caused death in several ecstasy users.

It is important to know that not all teenagers become addicted to drugs deliberately. Most of the teenagers and children addicted to drugs in the United States only became addicted because they were convinced to try a drug without being aware about the consequences which could occur. It is, therefore, extremely important to be able to talk to children and teenagers about drug and alcohol addictions and provide them with preventive education before it is too late.