When someone is addicted, they’re not just hurting themselves, they’re hurting everyone around them. This can be especially problematic for family members, who may be less inclined to set the boundaries needed to protect themselves.

Below, we’ll explain how addiction can impact a family: this includes the financial issues it causes, the way that it can force a loved one to be your caretaker, and the fact that it sets a bad example for younger family members. We hope this helps you as you try understanding the consequences addiction has for the whole family.

Forcing a Loved One To Be Your Caretaker

When someone is suffering with addiction, they may not be prepared to fulfill the duties typically expected of them: being a parent, earning money, and so on. Instead, these responsibilities fall on their family members.

This is unfair to everyone, but it’s especially unfair to younger family members, who may be forced to take on more responsibilities than they’re ready for.

Financial Issues

Addiction can be expensive. Whether the addict is unable to hold down a job or they’re simply spending more and more money to acquire their addictive substance, it can cause major financial instability for a family.

As if the expense of the addiction wasn’t bad enough, an addict will very rarely take the needs of the rest of the family into account. This means it’s very common for the addict to try and hide the fiscal problems that the addiction is causing. This leaves many family members blindsided when they realize the financial issues that are being caused.

Setting a Bad Example

Addiction causes trouble throughout a family, but those consequences are most troubling for children, whose brains are still developing. Viewing the behavior of an addict can have lifelong consequences, influencing how the child sees the world.

For instance, the child may end up enabling their addicted loved one, establishing a negative pattern that continues throughout their life. They may also end up being an addict themselves, taking after their addicted family member.

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