Your Choice, Your Responsibility

Harry Henshaw April 1, 2021

Negative Thinking and Self-hatred:  Believe it or not, we do choose all of our thoughts! While it seems that we do not chose them as they are repeatedly and rapidly appearing in our consciousness, we do choose all of them. We choose the original thought and then choose to repeat the initial thought over and over until we come to believe it as the truth.

Many, if not most, of our thoughts that we choose to create and that we repeatedly think and say throughout the day are primarily negative in nature. As we choose to say the initial negative thought we can also choose to create and bring into existence through the use of our mind and word a positive feeling thought.

It appears that many of us suffer from self-hatred and guilt to one degree or another. The more self-hatred and guilt that we have the less our life works and the less self-hatred and guilt the better our life works. The level of self-hatred and guilt that we experience depends upon one thought, a thought that we created in our past and choose to repeat in the Now.

It is the thought or belief that I am not good enough that is the foundation of our self-hatred and guilt. We created this thought many years ago, in my past relations with others and have repeatedly thought and spoke it through our word on a daily basis. As it forms the foundation of our self-identity, it determines what we believe we deserve to experience in our life.

However, it is just a thought and we can choose to create another thought, a thought that is positive and healing in nature. It is not so much that we can change a negative thought but rather that we can choose to create a positive thought to think and say repeatedly throughout our day. It is in the act of choosing to think and say a positive feeling thought that we are consciously taking complete responsibility for transforming our life.

Dr. Harry Henshaw