Getting someone to seek addiction treatment can be difficult. While you may be tempted to dismiss your loved one’s issue, thinking that it’s none of your business, it’s vitally important to show them why they need help.

An intervention is one of the most effective ways of getting a loved one to seek help, but how do you plan one? Below, you’ll learn everything you should know before planning an intervention. We hope this helps you as you endeavor to convince your loved one to seek treatment.

Determine Who Should Be Part of the Intervention

The most important part of an intervention is the people who are confronting your loved one about their behavior. These should be people who are closed to your loved one, who are able to clearly articulate how their addiction is hurting people.

Depending on the person in question, you may also want to include a religious counselor, who can help make the case for a more spiritual point of view.

Do Research

From there, you want to understand the most effective strategies to employ during an intervention. This means speaking with a specialist — this could be a psychologist, social worker, or even an addiction specialist — in order to understand what your loved one is going through.

This research should then be combined with the personal experiences of the people involved in the intervention. We’ll explain more in the next section.

Make Notes Before The Intervention

Once you understand what is most likely to work during the intervention, you want to determine what the people involved in the intervention want to discuss. This includes the problems that the loved one’s addiction has caused, as well as the specific actions everyone is prepared to take if the loved one doesn’t seek treatment.

Everyone should write down what they’re going to say and rehearse it. Interventions can be incredibly emotional, so it’s important to think through what everyone’s saying and make sure it’s effective without being inflammatory. Once everyone knows what they’re going to say, you should decide on a location and a date.

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