Harry Henshaw March 9, 2021

Dan Millman once wrote in the Way of the Peaceful Warrior that we do not like to look inside ourselves because we are afraid of what we will find if we where to do so. If and when you look inside yourself you will most assuredly find that you think and even believe that you are not good enough, that somehow you think and feel you are inadequate. Instead of facing our truth we tend to distract ourselves with many outside things.

It is this truth that most people will tend to adamantly deny and definitely not deal with in any healthy manner. However, if we do not deal with it, it will deal with us. It is in our denial of the trash that exists in our mind that we continue to experience disharmony in our life. Make no mistake about it, our struggle is within as we are at war with ourselves. If we do not transform this struggle it will most likely end in our demise.

The path to transformation begins with awareness, becoming aware of our struggle and also of the power of our thoughts and thinking for its creation. The sense of inferiority that we have created in our mind, that we project out onto our experiences and onto that which we call life, is of our creation. We created the source of our unhappiness with our thoughts and it is with our thoughts that we can change and experience freedom.

Many individuals in active addiction and even recovery, do not like to listen to this type of conversation. The tendency is to simply avoid any consideration of its truth and even deny the reality of that which once brought them to the brink of their own destruction. The standard reply tends to be, especially from those early in the recovery journey, that they love themselves and that this is not, nor ever has been, the problem.

While they are doing the best they can at the moment, they simply do not understand the real connection between their addictive behavior and their self worth. These individuals will continue to avoid going inside to explore and honestly admit what is there waiting to be discovered. If they were to do so they would discover that they truly believe that they are not good enough and that they do not love themselves.

Dr. Harry Henshaw