One of the most obvious signs of addiction is when someone has trouble interacting with society because of their dependence on a substance. Whether they’re losing their job, getting in trouble with the law, or simply making inexplicable changes to their life, most addicts are obviously suffering because of their addiction.

While this describes some alcoholics, functioning alcoholics manage to keep living their life while fueling their addiction. In this article, we’ll describe why it’s important to identify functioning alcoholics. Then we’ll describe a few of the most notable symptoms that a functioning alcoholic may exhibit.

Why It’s Important To Identify Functioning Alcoholics

It can be incredibly difficult to get functioning alcoholics the help they need. After all, if they’re still able to live their life, is there really a problem?

Of course, the answer is yes. Along with the dangers to their health, functioning alcoholics often find their problem getting worse over time. While they may be functioning alcoholics now, just a small change in their living situation can be significantly worsened because they’re an alcoholic.


It’s dangerous to drink to the point of blacking out. When someone’s regularly doing so, that shows that they’re regularly drinking in excess. This can seriously impair their judgement, and it grows increasingly dangerous when they’re unable to control things like their gag reflex.

You may notice the alcoholic struggling with their memory in general, not being able to reminisce when you mention things that happened in the past.

Replacing Meals With Drinking

Drinking alcohol means consuming calories. Functioning alcoholics may refuse to eat some meals, stating that they’re not hungry. In other cases, they may openly say that they’d rather drink than eat a meal.

While drinking can replace the calories of food, it obviously can’t replace the nutritional necessities of a well-balanced diet.

Hiding Alcohol

Admitting you have a problem and getting help is the vital first step towards recovery. This is why an alcoholic may want to hide their drinking. Along with ensuring that their loved ones don’t try to help, this can enable their drinking habits.

Hiding alcohol at work or at other places where they shouldn’t be drinking allows them to continue their habits without having to face social pressure.

They’re Unable To Stop

One of the biggest signs that someone has a problem is when they can’t control their consumption of a substance. If they regularly say they’ll stop drinking for the night, only to keep going, this can be a serious sign that they’re struggling with addiction.

Addicts usually need professional help in order to make headway during the recovery process.

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