Many people view the flakka users mentioned in news stories as easy targets for jokes and ridicule. But anyone who has had a family member struggling with substance abuse knows that there is a face to this reality. Flakka users may do strange things like running naked through public streets and babbling nonsense about being a mythical god, but family members know that this is a real person who needs to get help, not a face-less media story. Use of this dangerous low-cost drug is spreading rapidly. The following information can help you identify users and get them the urgent medical attention they need.

About flakka

The synthetic drug flakka first burst on the Florida scene in 2013. It is often made in China or Pakistan and mailed to Florida. Because it is easy to obtain for about $5 or less per vial, and small amounts can have frightening reactions that can last for days, it has rapidly become a serious problem for law enforcement and health organizations. It is made from the khat plant of East Africa and Arabia or from a combination of synthetic chemicals similar to those used to make the bath salts drugs. The active ingredient is called alpha-PVP. A substance not yet banned in most states.

Behavior of flakka users

Flakka is frequently smoked by using an electronic cigarette, but it can be injected, snorted, or taken orally. Users experience an excited delirium, like with amphetamines, and their body temperature increases to as much as 105 degrees. This leads them to remove their clothes. The amount of flakka that leads to psychosis and complete loss of thought control varies by user. Prolonged use for days results in severe changes in brain function. Under flakkas influence, the users feel they have super-human strength and think someone is chasing them.

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