There is a wealth of information available about the toll that long-term alcohol abuse takes on your health. Effects include cirrhosis of the liver and cardiovascular disease along with mental issues such as depression, leading to a condition known as dual diagnosis. Many individuals fail to consider how physical appearance is also negatively impacted by years of heavy drinking.

A California-based company called Rehabs is hoping that awareness of this side effect will motivate people to address their addiction to alcohol. They have developed “Your Face as an Alcoholic”, an interactive online tool that creates a series of pictures showing the visual effects of alcohol at five-year intervals. The user uploads a current photo or takes one via webcam, which is then digitally modified to demonstrate the physical changes over 20 years of drinking.

Excessive alcohol use dehydrates the body and reduces supplies of valuable vitamins and nutrients, leading to a dry, reddish complexion and bloated features. The National Rosacea Society says that alcoholism is one of the more common triggers of this condition that causes excessive blushing and may result in facial disfigurement such as a bulbous nose. A spokesperson for Rehabs explains that the program is aimed at an individual’s vanity, creating a shock factor that may cause them to modify their behavior in order to avoid the future outcome.

Other companies have instituted similar programs using aging software to visualize the effects of substance abuse. Change My Face’s “Drinking Time Machine” and Drink Smarter’s “Drinking Mirror” have apps for smartphones and tablets along with web-based versions.

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