By all measures, 2013 seemed to be Robin Thicke’s year. He had a #1 hit with “Blurred Lines” that was hailed as the “Song of the Summer”. That success led to a flurry of appearances on top shows like The Voice as well as obsessive media attention. In his personal life, he and his high-school-sweetheart actress wife were raising a young son.

The first crack came when his wife suddenly left him amid rumors of infidelity. Thicke began a bizarre campaign to win her back that began with public pleas for reconciliation during his concerts. He then released an album named after her that included a song with the not-so-subtle title of “Get Her Back”.

In another blow, the singer and his co-writers were sued by children of the late Marvin Gaye who claimed that “Blurred Lines” made unauthorized use of one of their father’s songs. During depositions Thicke stated that he had been dealing with a drug and alcohol addiction throughout the year.

By his own admission, the singer remembers little of what he said in public because he “didn’t do a sober interview”. At one point he appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show with his son while he was drunk and under the influence of painkiller Narco. He also says he was “high on Vicodin and alcohol” when he arrived at the studio to record the song.

Not surprisingly, Thicke blames the abuse for the split with his wife. Sadly, he also seems to exhibit the denial that is common among addicts. He testified that he’s been sober for months, but later revealed that he has given up Vicodin but not alcohol.

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