The quest for addiction recovery – for you, for your child or for another member of your family – may take you down some new and different paths.

For some patients, the comfort and familiarity of home is ideal for aiding recovery; for these individuals, a localized addiction treatment center may be the best choice.

But others may want to investigate traveling away from home during recovery. Being in a different environment, away from old temptations and distractions, could help these patients find more motivation and discover new perspectives on substance abuse, mental health, or dual diagnosis issues.

What to look for in a rehab destination:

  • Options. Substance abuse, such as alcohol abuse and chemical dependency, requires a multi-dimensional approach for effective treatment. From residential and day treatment to outpatient services, continuing care and family programs, the residential rehab location should offer a full complement of services to take patients through every phase of addiction recovery.
  • Accommodations. The accommodations of a private rehab center should balance comfort, privacy, care and socialization in a way that complements treatment. A good, healthy diet and fitness activities strengthen the body and mind, while a trained on-site staff ensures security and support. The South Florida setting of Transitions Recovery provides a warm, peaceful backdrop to facilitate addiction recovery.
  • A philosophy. The substance abuse treatment philosophy at Transitions Recovery is based on the belief that all of patients are unique individuals who hold the ability to lead successful, fulfilling lives. Recovery from years of drug and alcohol abuse requires time. Patients must create new support systems, learn to live in a drug or alcohol free world, and gain a true sense of the possibilities the future holds for them.

Find your destination
With its proven treatment options, inviting accommodations and strong patient-focused philosophy, Transitions Recovery is prepared to welcome new patients from down the street or across the nation. With treatment centers in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut as well as in Florida, you can choose the location that puts you on the path to a new, healthier life.