Statistics about drug abuse have the potential to reveal how many adverse impacts substances are having on society. As we gain more of an understanding of the damage these substances bring to the table, it becomes easier to see how harmful drugs are to ourselves, our communities, and our societies.

Several goals persist with statistics showing the damage of drug abuse. For starters, it’s possible to determine the drug of choice in different age groups. Furthermore, we can find the rate of relapse following treatment, as well as the education levels among those abusing drugs. This information acts as a guide for drug policymakers to help them determine the most effective prevention and addiction treatment programs to promote a healthier, safer society.

drug addiction statistics imageThese statistics regarding drug abuse can also reveal a lot for someone who is currently abusing substances. Knowing the damage these substances cause and understanding what will happen through the continued use of drugs acts as an excellent deterrent. Even if just one person gets and stays clean as the result of reading these drug abuse statistics, the information in this article has been proven immensely valuable.

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Quick Drug Addiction Facts

Age & Addiction Facts

Adolescent Drug Facts (Ages 12-17):

Young Adult Drug Statistics (Ages 18-25):

Adult Statistics For Drug Abuse (Over 26):

Drug Abuse Among The Elderly

Drug Abuse Cost Statistics

Drug abuse costs society billions every year. Between abusing tobacco, prescription drugs, alcohol, and illicit drugs, the United States is spending around $137 billion in annual direct health care expenses.

Estimates regarding the cost of drug abuse, crime, and the loss in work productivity are in excess of $600 billion, or over 17% of the U.S. federal budget for spending.

Emergency Room Visits

With almost 4.6 million ER visits relating to drugs in 2009, it’s easy to see how common it is for substance abuse to put one in the hospital. Although half of these visits were the result of pharmaceuticals being ingested as prescribed by doctors, around 45% of these visits happened due to drug abuse.

The 2.1 million ER visits occurring as a result of substance abuse are comprised of the following:

  • 32% were the result of alcohol or alcohol combined with drugs.
  • 27.1% were due to the non-medical use/abuse of pharmaceutical drugs.
  • 21.2% were related to illicit drug use.

While public health efforts have significantly aided in the reduction of ER visits relating to drug use, the ER visits resulting from the misuse or abuse of prescription drugs is on the rise. With this being the case, prescription drugs are the leading culprit of ER visit substance abuse or misuse statistics.

Substance Abuse Overdose Statistics

More people are dying from prescribed opioids each year than all of the illegal drugs together. With legal access paired with the trust people have in their doctors’ opinions, prescription drug abuse is the biggest substance abuse epidemic in the U.S.

Overdoses on prescription drugs are the top cause of drug overdose deaths in the U.S. Of the 33,175 unintentional drug overdoses happening in 2012, 53% were caused by pharmaceutical use. Over 70% of these deaths were the result of opioids.

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