Being unfamiliar with inpatient drug rehab can be intimidating — but taking the leap for treatment is the first step to transitioning to a sober future. For anyone who has been suffering from drug dependency problems, rehabilitation can be the difference between remaining the same and making a positive, life-altering change.  

With consequences continuously on the horizon while addicted to a substance, going to a drug treatment center is the right choice to make. Sometimes, knowing what to expect is encouraging enough to vanquish one’s fear of the unknown, allowing for one’s life to change for the better.

things to consider before choosing a rehab center in floridaUnderstanding that residential rehab facilities will take action to ensure your treatment is effective is a part of the battle. In this article, we’ll discuss what you can expect from our drug rehab program and how it will positively transform your life.

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Rehab Treatment Programs Don’t Lock You Up

Contrary to what some people believe, these programs don’t lock people away. You can leave at any point during your treatment. When you go to a rehabilitation facility, you’re free to come and go as you please.

Even those seeking treatment by order from the criminal justice system are not forced to stay. While someone who has been ordered by a court to go through a substance abuse program might find themselves facing consequences in the future, the option to leave is always available.

For these programs to work, it’s essential that the person wants to make a change. Those who enter a program with the intention to seek out drugs again will find themselves in a similar state of mind after getting clean. With this being said, holding someone against their will is a waste of time and resources, meaning no one is under lock and key.

Detoxing In A Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program

Arguably, detoxing is one of the most frustrating aspects of getting clean. But with the in-house detoxification programs found in some treatment centers, clients will find the help they need to become sober.

Some treatment centers will require clients to go through a detox program prior to being admitted. With this being the case, this is something one must expect when opting for drug rehabilitation treatment.

These days, it’s essential to find a center that’s effective at handling the symptoms of withdrawal. While these effects generally last between five and seven days, there are times in which the time it takes to get past the symptoms will have a greater range.

Understanding The Drug Rehab Facilities

Every rehabilitation treatment center will differ in regards to their physical facilities. Generally speaking, the cost is usually what determines the experience.

Some facilities are cheaper than others, offering a primitive experience comparable to a summer camp. Others provide a luxurious experience that goes beyond what many 5-star resorts might offer. And, of course, there are inpatient treatment centers that are on the average side.

Rehabilitation center facilities range in accord with what you or your insurance will cover. While more expensive options will be more luxurious, the kind of physical facilities each program provides does not determine the level of success one will experience in remaining sober.

Receiving An Education While Participating In A Rehab Program

Education is essential for people participating in these programs. Usually, each facility will offer a different way of providing an education. When you’re learning in a program like this, the goal is to have you analyze your addiction honestly and without bias while altering your attitude regarding your substance abuse.

At times, addicts can remain in denial about the severity of their addiction. Quitting permanently isn’t an action they believe they have to take. With a treatment program, the idea is to diminish the denial and get you to live a clean and sober lifestyle without fear of relapsing.

Attending Counseling & Group Therapy

Individual counseling is quite common at rehabilitation centers, and a trained addiction counselor will have an incredibly positive impact on your time in the program. Daily group therapy meetings are also something to expect, allowing you to interact with others going through similar situations.

With these sessions, you’ll learn skills to help you live without the need for substances. You’ll learn how you can recognize situations that could compromise your sobriety, as well as how to avoid these kinds of situations. Learning coping skills are also a benefit of group therapy. Therapy will show you how valuable seeking support from others who are experiencing similar situations as well.

Expecting Family Meetings

Your rehab program might include some of your family members too. With research highlighting how family and friend inclusion in the rehabilitation process can improve the outcome of treatment, it’s easy to see why some programs opt to include them. The whole rehabilitation process can include your family members and friends to teach them too.

By giving your family and friends an education on the dynamics of addiction, they’ll know about the strengths and resources that can aid you throughout your recovery. This also gives them the opportunity to talk about how your substance abuse impacted them. Including them will also teach them how they can begin healing.

Getting Involved In The Aftercare Program

Most drug treatment rehabilitation will last around 28 days. Other times, it can last longer. With many successful programs, you’ll be offered an aftercare program plan. This plan will go over the next steps to your recovery and how you should handle them.

These kinds of plans could incorporate intensive outpatient treatment, attendance of 12-step meetings, weekly check-ins with a counselor, residence at a halfway house, and suggestions that could aid you in steering clear of a relapse.

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