Addiction is difficult to overcome, but what should you do when a loved one refuses to seek help? They’re continuing down the same path, and you have a good idea of where it’ll lead if they’re left alone.

Knowing how to get someone into rehab against their will can be the difference between getting treatment and leaving this disease to fester. Understanding what it takes to make this change in your loved one’s life can ultimately prevent utter devastation within your family. With this in mind, we’d like to touch upon getting someone to go to rehab when they don’t think they need it.

husband trying to convince wife to go to rehabSo can you force someone into rehab? In this article, we discuss convincing an addict to enter rehab and provide insight regarding what to expect. With this information, we’ll teach you how to get someone to go to rehab against their will. While it won’t be easy, in our experience, the effort is worth it in the long-run.

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Convincing An Addict To Go To Rehab

Going to rehab is no walk in the park. While confronting your loved one is necessary, you’ll need to be tactful when you do it.

As you’re trying to get a family member into rehab, you’re no longer speaking to the person you know. The addiction takes over, and the thought of getting clean could motivate your loved one to act out. Without control over the habit, your loved one will be difficult to convince.

Addicts will deny they have a problem. With this in mind, don’t be surprised if they lie to you, their friends, other family members, and anyone else when it comes to their addiction. Don’t take this personally. Instead, keep in mind that the addiction is in control and your loved one needs your help.

How To Get Someone Into Alcohol Rehab Against Their Will

While some people might think an addict needs to want to get better to heal, the truth of the matter is success rates among addicts forced into treatment are actually quite high. Scientific studies highlight that even when someone is forced into rehabilitation treatment, the rate of success is around the same as the people attending rehab voluntarily.

With this in mind, feel free to take the following steps to get your loved one into rehab:

  • Explain your concerns & show them you care about their well-being. Your loved one needs to know that you’re trying to help them. You need to explain that you want what’s best for them. Make sure to tell them they’re not alone and say you love them. Try to avoid telling them you’re giving them “tough love” because this generally promotes a tough response.
  • Approach your loved one with empathy. While staying calm, compassionate, and loving towards an addict can be trying, maintain your composure as you convince them to get addiction treatment in Florida. Avoid using anger and instead, treat them as someone who needs help getting treatment for their disease.
  • Discuss the addiction in-depth. Substance abuse can result in confusion. If your loved one doesn’t understand why you’re convincing them to go to rehab, make some connections they’ll understand. Talk about the negative changes their substance abuse is causing. For example, perhaps they were an avid gym-goer before their addiction began dominating their life.
  • Have information ready. You’re trying to get your loved one to go to rehab. So having information for the treatment program on-hand can help in convincing them. Have the answers to any questions they might have ready, including success rates.
  • Explain the consequences of refusing rehab. Your loved one might choose to continue with their addiction, so you need to discuss your limitations. If you cannot keep dealing with their addiction, tell them. If you don’t want them alone with your children, explain why. This is your opportunity to put everything out in the open.

Understanding How To Get Someone Into Drug Rehab Means Knowing What Subjects To Avoid

As you’re trying to get someone to check into rehab, you want to keep your conversation focused on convincing them. Make sure to avoid the following as you talk:

  • Don’t talk about horror stories. While plenty of terrible stories exist, you should avoid talking about what happened in another situation. Try to share supportive and hopeful stories as opposed to discouraging scary stories.
  • Don’t attack them. It’s hard not to attack an addict for their addiction, but this is a disease. Most of the time, they cannot help but continue feeding this disease, and it’s your job to understand this. Their brain chemistry has been reprogrammed, and while treatment will help, attacking or berating them will not.
  • Avoid comparing problems. Everyone has issues. There’s no need to compare them. While you might have some, your loved one is currently in a rough spot and needs your help. With serious addiction dominating one’s brain, it’s likely they think their problems are much worse than others, and you will not be able to convince them otherwise.

Having A Plan

Going in with a plan is essential for success. Knowing what to expect will make a world of difference. Keep these tips in mind as you try to get your loved one into rehab against their will:

  • They will make excuses. Addiction will cause people to make excuses as to why they can’t go to rehab. Whether it’s they’re too busy or it isn’t the right time, they will likely present an excuse. Keep at it, and make it difficult for them to continue with their reasons for avoiding therapy.
  • Know the treatment process. Have a firm understanding of every aspect of treatment. This will allow you to explain it thoroughly. Inpatient therapy, outpatient therapy, family programs, aftercare programs, and everything else that comes with living a clean life can help convince your loved one to make an effort.
  • Understand you might not convince them to go. Your loved one might not agree to go to rehab. But even if they refuse to go now, you can always discuss the idea again in the future. Be prepared for if things don’t go as planned.

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