Addiction is a disease that can be difficult to acknowledge. Some people don’t see it as a disease, or they think it should be easy to quit.

The truth is, the road to recovery is long, but the first step is acknowledging that you have a problem. In this article, we’ll go over some of the signs that you may be suffering with addiction.addiction recovery in Miami, FL

You Can’t Stop Using

If you want to keep using the substance even though you know it’s harmful, it’s important to seek help. This is one of the biggest, most important signs that you may be suffering with an addiction.

There are many different ways this may manifest. For instance, you may be verbalizing your desire to quit the substance, even though you’re not able to take the actions necessary to actually quit.

Alternatively, you may have no desire to quit even though it’s causing damage to your health. Examples include an alcoholic continuing to drink even though they have a liver problem, or smokers continuing to use cigarettes even though they have lung cancer.

You’re Changing Your Behavior

It’s easy to get obsessed with addictive substances, going to further lengths in order to get it. Once again, this can be manifested in various ways.

For instance, you might have a stash of the substance that you don’t tell anyone else about, in order to keep using.

Your focus on the substance may also prevent you from staying focused at work. When you’re addicted, you may start missing days of work in order to avoid withdrawal. This can be a dangerous cycle, causing you to lose your job, which in turn encourages you to turn to the substance for comfort.

Legal issues can also arise, especially if you’re engaging in illegal substances. The reckless behavior that addiction causes can change many aspects of your life.

Physical Changes

In addition to the behavioral differences outlined above, there are also physical symptoms that you want to be vigilant for. To take an example, you may have trouble sleeping. This could be because you’re using an upper that disrupts sleep, or you could be suffering from withdrawal when you would otherwise be sleeping.

The same is true of eating. Your appetite may be lessened by the substance, or you could simply be too focused on the substance to eat properly.

People who are addicted also sometimes begin changing their appearance, as the substance begins replacing everyday activities like washing clothes.

What Should I Do If I’m Suffering With Addiction?

If you believe you have an addiction, you should seek help. Depending on the substance in question, it can be very difficult to quit. A professional will be able to guide you through the process, giving you the structure and support you need.

Struggling With Addiction?

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