The road to recovery is long, and addiction is difficult to deal with even in the best of times. As we’re all living through a quarantine, you may have some questions about addiction treatment.

Are addiction treatment centers open during Covid 19?  Is it safe to go to a treatment center during Covid 19, and how else can you deal with the emotions you may be feeling during this time?

In this article, we’ll answer all of your questions. We hope this helps you get through this strange period.

COVID-19 and addiction

Are Addiction Treatment Centers Open During Covid 19?

While many businesses are closed because of Covid 19, addiction treatment centers are considered an essential service. This means they are open during the quarantine.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, now is going to be a tough time. Just know that professionals are here for you whether the crisis has put you in a situation to relapse or you’re realizing for the first time that you have an unhealthy coping mechanism.

Are Addiction Treatment Centers Safe During Covid 19?

Yes, addiction treatment centers have taken a number of protections to ensure that it’s safe for people to get the help they need. This includes everything from finding the PPE they need to keep everyone safe and following the necessary social distancing guidelines.

Should I Visit an Addiction Treatment Center During Quarantine?

If you believe you’re suffering with addiction, you should get help. Covid 19 can make addiction worse, as we’re all feeling more stressed, anxious, and alone than usual.

At the same time, addiction can make Covid 19 worse. If you’re addicted to a substance, it will be harder to follow social distancing guidelines because you’ll feel a need to get the substance through any means possible.

For this reason, to help you recover from addiction and help you stay safe during quarantine, it’s important to seek help if you’re suffering with addiction.

Keep In Touch With Others

During this public health crisis, it’s a good idea for everyone to stay in touch with others. This is important to help remind you of the joys that come from staying clean, and it can help you to see how different people are coping with quarantine.

At the same time, while conversations with friends and family can help you, they’re important for your loved ones as well. Just know that a single phone call can help someone feel less lonely.

Join an online Zoom meeting

There are many Zoom meetings that are now being run around the country to help those who are quarantined because of the Covid 19 virus. These support group meetings are a great way to keep connected especially when face-to-face meetings are not taking place. While these meetings prior to the pandemic were held in person, group meetings are a vital part of recovery and so it’s important that you take advantage and stay connected by attending these and doing so consistently.These meetings allow you to connect with people who may be going through some of the same experiences, feelings and obstacles and successes. 

Transitions Recovery Program has setup weekly Zoom meetings every Friday at 7 PM eastern and is open to anyone that wants to join.  For the Zoom meeting information check out our Facebook page and while you’re at it, follow our Facebook to keep up to date with helpful resources, motivation and support to keep your recovery on track.

Looking for an Addiction Treatment Center in Miami, Florida?

Transitions Recovery Program is here to help. We understand that addiction is a disease that is difficult to fight by yourself. That’s why our professionals are here to ensure you get the help you need.

If you have any questions about our facility and the policies we’ve put in place to ensure your safe recovery during Covid 19, call us toll free at 800-626-1980 or fill out our online contact form.